View from the Tower – Charlotte Gaffey

charlotteAs part of a regular feature in our monthly newsletters we will be taking a sneaky look into the lives of the people that make Brunel Capital Partners tick. This month, we get to know our new Financial Planning Assistant Charlotte…

1. What attracted you to Brunel Capital Partners?

What attracted me to Brunel was the personal touch and client-focused approach.

2. Describe yourself in three words

Hard working, friendly, enthusiastic

3. What was your worst ever job?

Working on a burger van when I was 16.

4. Favourite Band/Artist

I like all sorts of music like cheesy pop, musicals, country, R n’ B, Rock. Anything that’s good really!

5. Favourite Film

Singing in the Rain or The Sound of Music.

6. Favourite Book

Pride and Prejudice

7. Favourite TV show or play

Game of Thrones

8. Favourite type of holiday


9. Favourite smell

Freshly baked bread

10. Favourite Food/meal

Either sushi or crisp sandwiches.

11. Dog or Cat?


12. Which 3 people (past or present) would you invite to dinner?

Karl Marx, Gandhi and Peter the Great.

13. If you weren’t working at Brunel, what would you be doing?

Well if I acquired a fortune I’d probably be traveling somewhere sunny and exciting.