View from The Tower – Andrew Weston

people-7We have been taking a sneaky look into the lives of the people that make Brunel Capital Partners tick. This time, we get to know Andrew Weston…

1. What first attracted you to Brunel Capital Partners?

I was introduced through a friend to Brunel Capital Partners. What attracted me most was the investment proposition and professional approach to ‘true’ financial planning.

2. What is the most enjoyable part of your job?

Working with a team of people who are dedicated, conscientious and a pleasure to be with.

3. Describe yourself in three words

Loyal, thoughtful, considerate.

4. What was your worst ever job?

As a student, I regularly worked holiday periods at the Motorway Services. Working in the kitchens had to be the worst.

5. Favourite Band/Artist

Impossible to say… I generally like all genres of music

6. Favourite Film

Point Break

7. Favourite Book

Da Vinci Code

8. Favourite TV show or play


9. Favourite type of holiday

A location with beaches and coves, where I can spend plenty of time sailing, diving or just relaxing by the water, in a warm sunny climate.

10. Favourite smell

Sea air

11. Favourite Food/meal

Fresh Fish & Chips

12. Dog or Cat?

Tricky question as we have both. Hmmm…… dog, sorry cats!

13. Which 3 people (past or present) would you invite to dinner?

Will Smith, Rihanna, Robbie Williams – should make a lively dinner party.

14. If you weren’t working at Brunel, what would you be doing?

Assuming I haven’t won the lottery, I would continue my career in financial planning. Otherwise you’ll probably find me sailing somewhere in either the Med or the Caribbean.