At 17 years old, James was involved in a horrific road traffic accident which left him physically disabled and mentally incapacitated. He was awarded substantial damages and a Deputy was appointed by the Court Of Protection to handle his affairs.

The Deputy approached us and asked us to produce a financial and investment plan that could be submitted to the Court Of Protection.

1. Issues

James’s life expectancy was not clear and given his condition, his needs were likely to change greatly over the years. Care costs were high and would erode the capital over time.

2. Action we took

The priority was to ensure that the funds lasted throughout James’ lifetime without placing undue risk on the capital. After analysing the income and expenditure, we produced a cash flow plan and an investment plan to fit. We then constructed an investment strategy, spread across a blend of different tax solutions.

3. The results

The plan was submitted to the Court of Protection who were satisfied that the Deputy had taken suitable financial planning and investment advice and released the funds in order that the plan could be implemented. It is important that the Deputy obtained advice very early and quickly established a plan. Low returns, tax and inflation (amongst other factors) can have a huge impact on injury awards. James’s family were reassured that a proper strategy had been put in place and that they had given James the opportunity to live the life he deserved.

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