Sarah had been married to Alex for 13 years when their marriage broke down. They had two young children who lived with Sarah. Sarah was a lawyer by profession but had taken a career break to raise the children. Sarah received very little in the way of cash as part of the divorce settlement but she did retain the very substantial and valuable former matrimonial home.

1. Issues

With little cash to fall back on, limited pension provision and earning capacity, Sarah was concerned about her future. Maintenance was to cease when the children reached 18.

2. Action we took

We ran various “What if” cash flow forecast scenarios with Sarah selling the family home at points in the future and using the capital released to secure her future lifestyle and income requirements.

3. The results

Sarah now had a plan and the peace of mind that financially, she would be secure and independent after many years of dependence. She now feels much happier and in control of her future, which is something she never had to worry about in the past as all of the family finances were dealt with by her ex-husband.

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