Paul and Nicola are in their mid 40s with two young children. They are both relatively low earners and rely heavily on the income generated from Nicola’s divorce settlement. They were constantly worrying about their budget, over spending and running out of money.

Summary of assets
Pension fund
1. Issues

With a relatively high level of invested assets but low income, Paul & Nicola needed to generate additional income.

2. Action we took

We analysed their income and expenditure and then created a lifetime cash flow plan – which actually showed that they could be less frugal than they were currently being.

After assessing their risk profile, we showed that they could be less cautious with their investments and therefore constructed a suitable long-term portfolio.

3. The results

Paul and Nicola were able to increase their expenditure, live more comfortably and enjoy life more, without the worry of running out of money. Their cash flow forecast also showed that they could comfortably put their children through university.

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