At Brunel Capital Partners, we believe that being responsible for our communities and people should be a key focus for our business strategy as this improves sustainability in a more holistic way. Our impact team meet regularly to review our practices and processes to establish how and where we can improve. We are always mindful of the wider impact of our actions from both an environmental and social perspective and channel this in to making our communities stronger. We believe that when our community and our people flourish, we do to.

In embodying this principle, fundamental changes and initiatives have been introduced to support our commitment. These include:

  • Reducing the footprint of our Bristol office and taking residency in an office at Runway East, a community of likeminded, forward thinking businesses. 
  • Offering a combination of office and home working to our teams. This reduces the carbon emissions of commuting, it is also beneficial to the wellbeing of employees. 
  • Exploring technology-based alternatives to improve our service and efficiency as well as reducing our consumption for example of paper and postal services.
  • Supporting organisations within our communities such as Wells Dementia Action Alliance, Children’s Hospice South West and the YMCA
  • Adjusting our supply chains to support local business that share the same ethos
  • Providing clients with access to IronBright Investment Management’s sustainable portfolios                
  • Offsetting our paper usage by planning a new tree for every financial planning client onboarded through donating to the National Trust’s plan to establish 20 million new trees by 2030