Sunny Days and Time to Reflect


The continuation of the lockdown, albeit with a chink of light from the government on this being relaxed slowly through June and July, continues to give us time at home we would not normally have had. In my conversations with clients, I have been impressed by how we have adapted and how we have used the time to reflect and consider some of the benefits of these circumstances.

Following the frosts of last week, it definitely feels Summer is now in full flow and judging by my recent trip to the garden centre to buy some compost, gardens are probably looking their best in years. You probably guessed that I was greeted by a wry smile and went home with an empty Land Rover! Fortunately, Dr Buchan came up with a solution of using her stash of grow bags to pot up yet more plants and vegetables. Plant trading has become the new lockdown norm – social distancing firmly adhered to!

The fruits of her labour are now in full bloom. The view from my home office is a show of colourful Lupins (yes, I have been educated on all our different variety of plants). Much more pleasing for me, I have picked our first strawberries and the raspberries are not far behind. The first picking is always the best. The vegetable garden is now fully planted, and we wait to be self-sufficient over the next few weeks. The good life is in full swing.

Even our pets have joined in the joys of summer. Four mice caught last night by our two cats; eggs a plenty from the chickens and our 4-month-old Cockapoo now thinks he can sniff out truffles. I hope so as my Italian father-in-law will be very happy. A trade of truffles for wine seems fair to me!

I am sure your discussions with us have encompassed similar topics. With holidays on the back burner we can share garden and family stories before moving onto your reviewing your financial plans. Dan and I were only saying today how we missed our face to face client meetings; Zoom/Teams and telephone calls are not quite the same, but as we adapt, I am sure we can get better.

I hope that you all remain healthy.

Best wishes,

David Buchan
Finance Director
Brunel Capital Partners

David Buchan