Right, time to shine!


At Brunel we love our team. They are a big part of what we do and what we are about.

In addition to hearing from the Directors in these updates, on occasions, you will be hearing from one of the team, with the aim of introducing themselves and providing an insight in to their role and how it affects our clients. This week, I am delighted to introduce Jamie Havard.

Right, time to shine!

My name is Jamie Havard; a 26-year-old who harks from across the Severn Bridge and works as a paraplanner at Brunel. Aside from matters of financial planning, I enjoy homely cooking, rowing up and down the Avon, and more recently, finding other ways of staving off lockdown-tedium.

I’ve been at the company since November 2019, when I left my role as a statistician at the Office for National Statistics for a career in financial planning. I join you today from behind the scenes to shine some light on the role as Paraplanner within Brunel.

The majority of conversations about my job as a Paraplanner tend to go like this:

“What is it that you do again?”

“I’m a Paraplanner!”

“Oh, that’s great.… but hang on, what is that again?”

From these exchanges, it seems Paraplanning is one of the more unknown roles of the financial planning world. I guess this is quite understandable really given we tend to lurk behind the scenes.

As clients of Brunel, you will have had many dealings with the Financial Planners – the advisory faces of the firm – and the Client Services Associates (CSAs) who contact you regarding implementing and administrating their advice. So where in all of this, do the Paraplanners fit in?

Within Brunel, we work collaboratively with the Financial Planners using our technical knowledge to provide the best outcome for our clients. For example, when a planner advises on the retirement provision of a client, I will start with information gathering to form a picture of our client’s current situation. From there we look at how we can help them achieve their desired lifestyle simulating various scenarios. This all culminates in our recommendation report, so having an eye for numbers as well as words is needed.

A large part of our role involves supporting the Financial Planner by enabling them to spend more time with their clients. Having us paraplanners working solely on acquiring technical knowledge, financial compliance and writing up formal recommendations, enables the Planners to do this.

More recently, I have been attending client meetings to get a better understanding of clients’ needs, and adding more context to the work I do for you.

Alongside my paraplanning role I am also part of “Team Vision” which shines a spotlight on of some of the important issues that affect us as individuals and as a company from sustainability to gender equality.

So, there we go; a brief explanation on what a paraplanner is within Brunel. Now, time for me to scuttle back behind the scenes…

Jamie Havard

Jamie Havard DipPFS