A refresh for the Brunel website!

Eagle-eyed visitors may have noticed that the Brunel website benefitted from a bit of a refresh earlier in the month. Whilst still the same great site, we’ve made some tweaks that we hope will help to make the site more user friendly, getting you to the good stuff more quickly and easily.

The first change you will notice is the homepage, which has had the top design altered slightly and now features our ‘Knowledge Hub’ along the bottom. The Knowledge Hub is where we store all of the great content we produce on a regular basis, to help you to make your way through today’s financial world. It’s full of videos, guides, graphics and articles, and it’s growing every day, so if you’ve not jumped in yet, then you can use the links on the homepage to start exploring the hub.

When you click through to some of our content you will also notice that we have tweaked the design here too, to make our blogs and articles easier to read.

The above is especially true for those of you visiting the site on a mobile phone or tablet device. The website is now responsive, which means that it will automatically adapt in size to fill whichever screen you’re reading us on. If you’re on a desktop browser you can try it now! Just drag your window to be smaller and watch the site go mobile!

The changes are all designed to make the site easier for you to use and get value from, so please do let us know what you think about the redesign. You can leave your feedback via the form on the Contact page. Happy browsing!