Market Comment – A Personal View Of Brian Tora

Shares have been in a risk-off mode recently, primarily as a result of the worsening situation in the Ukraine. After shrugging aside these concerns and pushing towards new high ground, our own FTSE 100 Share Index posted several days of falling values, bringing it down to the mid 6500s. Hope that new high ground could be achieved has been deferred. Property prices, on the other hand, continue to forge ahead, driven mainly by a shortage of new houses.

Market Comment 15th April 2014

Video: What is Automatic Enrolment?

You’ll probably have heard of Automatic Enrolment by now, but what exactly is the government’s new approach to Workplace pensions and how will it affect you and your company? In this short video, we’ll take you through the introductory points of Automatic Enrolment to get you up to speed. Interested in finding out more? Why not download our guide to Automatic Enrolment here.

The 8 most important points from the 2014 Budget

The Chancellor may have gone for the popular phrase from Chancellors of yore by taking ‘a penny off a pint’, but what were the real big announcements during The Budget 2014? We summarise the 8 main points:

1. Changes to pensions mean many more options than just buying an annuity

In measures to be introduced in April 2015, pensioners will have complete flexibility on how much of their pension they want to take at retirement, effectively eliminating the need to buy an annuity. This opens up many more options for what to do with your pension in your retirement years. Read more …

Launching our Estate Planning service

Planning for your family’s future can often seem complicated, involving different actions and advisers and making a process that can already be full of worry seem drawn-out and expensive.

It needn’t be like that though, which is why today we are announcing a new service, in tandem with our friends in the legal profession, to make Estate Planning simple.

As part of our holistic approach to financial planning, making a plan for your estate and your family is a vital part of managing your finances. With our Estate Planning service, it is also an easy one.

We will co-ordinate the entire process, dealing with solicitors where appropriate, to put together a plan for your estate that takes proper account of elements such as Inheritance Tax, having a proper Will in place and passing on power of attorney.

The process is clear, quick and easy and can be completed as part of your wider financial planning goals.

For more information on our Estate Planning service, you can visit the new dedicated page on the website here or get in touch with our office via any of the methods listed on our Contact page.

A Guide for Grandparents: Helping Your Grandchildren with Their Finances

It is a natural law of finance that the older generation of a family will normally have more money and less time to spend it than the youngest generation, who will face economic difficulties over a greater period of time.

It is natural, therefore, for many Grandparents to want to help their Grandchildren with their finances; either immediately, or with a view to helping to provide for their future.

In this guide, written specifically for those of you who are already Grandparents or who are about to become Grandparents, we explain some of the most effective ways you can help your Grandchildren. From child-friendly investments, to gifts and pension ideas, our guide will take you through a series of ideas for helping the younger members of your family get started on the way to a sound financial future!

Click here or on the image below to download the guide and get started!

grandparents guide cover

Our summer charity cycle adventure!


This summer, we will be taking part in the Ride For Precious Lives charity cycle event, which aims to raise money for Children’s Hospice South West, a charity dedicated to helping children who are living with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions.

The event will see our team ride to each Children’s Hospice South West location; starting at St Austell in Cornwall, before calling in to Little Bridge House in Devon and finishing at Charlton Farm near to Bristol – a distance of 210 miles over the course of a 3-day long weekend!


We’re hoping to raise £3,000 towards the charity cause, which in the past five years has managed to generate £335,000 of donations towards the hospices. This fantastic cause needs more though and we are delighted to help in any way we can.

If you feel you can support us, we have a Just Giving page here where you can donate.

The team aiming to complete the journey consists of:

Andy – hard at work training. Andy is currently cycling a total of 120 miles per week to our offices from his home in Portishead.

Beccy – taking the ride in a competitive spirit, Beccy has two races scheduled before completing the ride, including the Dartmoor Classic.

Damien – in an effort to boost fitness for the gruelling 3-day event, Damien is working with a personal trainer.

Dave –  has dedicated a substantial amount of time to ensuring he has a comfortable ride, by researching the most appropriate pair of shorts!

Steve – Steve plays hockey at a high level and has been using that sport to get ready for his part in the ride.

The team are really looking forward to the event on the weekend of 11th – 13th July… but they need your support! Anything you can give would be much appreciated and all donations are greatly appreciated at our Just Giving page here.

Market Comment – A Personal View Of Brian Tora

Although markets have not succumbed to the downward pressure the continuing unrest in Ukraine is generating, they are not making much positive progress either. Given that Asian markets got off to a good start this week, this is a little disappointing. Still, company news is thin on the ground and even last week’s budget statement did not spark much interest, despite the radical overhaul of the pensions industry.

Market Comment 25th March 2014

Video – What is Compound Interest?

Compound Interest can often be forgotten in savings discussions but the impact it can have on your investments can be significant. In this short video, we explain exactly what Compound Interest is and how it can work for you in a significant way.

View from the Tower – Peter Hill


As part of a regular feature in our monthly newsletters we will be taking a sneaky look into the lives of the people that make Brunel Capital Partners tick. This month, we get to know Peter Hill…

1. What first attracted you to Brunel Capital Partners?

The opportunity to develop a professional practice which is truly client focussed and to help shape the business with like-minded people.

2. What is the most enjoyable part of your job?

Read more …

Guide to the Budget 2014

George Osborne delivered the Government’s 2014 Budget in the Houses of Parliament yesterday and, to help clients understand what the likely impact might be throughout the rest of the year, we have put together the following Budget Summary.

Within the document you’ll find a recap of all of the government’s major announcements, as well as analysis covering their likely impact.

You can download the summary by clicking here, or on the image below.


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