Money can’t buy… kindness (but perhaps living in Bristol can!)

If those little everyday acts of kindness are what makes your day then good news! You live in the right place!

New research by the Co-Op, reported on by Metro, has found that Bristol is the kindest city in the UK, closely followed by Belfast, Aberdeen and Southampton, with Liverpool, Glasgow and London making up the bottom three.

The research was based on a poll of 4,000 adults, across 19 cities, focusing on finding out the average amount of good deeds residents carried out. The good deed ranged from giving up a seat on public transport to taking post in for a neighbour.

Of course, this wouldn’t be your typical Brunel blog post if we couldn’t find the financial wisdom hidden in the research about kindness!

As we’ve written before, you can view your financial plan as the roadmap to your journey. The investments and financial products you use along the way are like the car, taking you to your destination.

But, with all of the very important talk about how the car works and exactly why the map takes you on the route it does, it’s equally important to remember to enjoy the journey along the way.

As we wrote recently, we help you to understand your number and then, through proper financial planning, our job is to help you to accumulate your number, manage it, protect it, but most importantly, enjoy it!

Enjoying it means different things to different people, but there is one thing you can be certain of: getting to your number won’t get you everything that you desire. It’s true: money can’t buy you everything (although perhaps it can help).

Money can’t buy you kindness either, so if that is something which fits in the box marked ‘things important to me’, then maybe it’s time to effect a change which brings more kindness into your journey. Maybe that means contributing more to causes you care about, either through time or monetary donations. Maybe it means creating some time in your working life, so that you can do more with or for your family.

Or maybe, for those of you who live outside the city, it means moving to the kindness hub that is Bristol! We can highly recommend it!