Learning from these 5 Bristol business successes

As a Bristol business ourselves, we’re always ready and happy to celebrate the success of fellow local businesses, organisations and concerns. There has been a lot of positive news from the city recently, as it continues to thrive and grow as a whole and so, this month, we thought we would highlight these great stories from fellow Bristolians and their great aims, drives and companies.

(P.S. If you are involved with a local business or organisation with a success story then do let us know – we would love to feature you here in a future article!)

The Bristol Pound!

Our local currency is not only a much-loved part of the Bristol economy, but also a national success story! Last month, Yurt Lush, a restaurant just down the river bank from our offices, became the first business to pay its electricity bill using the currency and made the national press as a result! Well done to them, and to Good Energy for making it happen.

eCommerce Awards for Home Leisure Direct

Well done to the team at Home Leisure Direct, who are up for a set of awards celebrating ‘groundbreaking innovations to customer service excellence and revenue growth’. Based in Elberton, we’re sure the team are delighted in being recognised in this way – another great success story!

The Bristol Arena

The Bristol Arena, which will add another ‘social hub’ to the city, takes its next major step this month, with the completion of the bridge which will connect ‘Arena Island’ with the rest of the city and mean people can walk there from Temple Meads studio. The arena itself is on course for completion in 2017 and is set to bring further jobs to the city, along with the 2,000 already created by the Enterprise Zone around Temple Meads station. We can’t wait to see the finished product!

Clarks Wood Company supports apprentices

Well done to Clarks Wood Company, who this month gave two of their long-serving apprentices full-time contracts. This sort of success from an apprenticeship scheme is on the increase amongst local businesses and its great to see both the businesses and the apprentices ending in a favourable arrangement.

And finally… a great #ActLocal promotion

In-keeping with the local focus of this article, we couldn’t finish without mention of this great video, which celebrates Bristol and the #ActLocal campaign, aimed at keeping business within the city. Highlighting a great range of local businesses, it’s a perfect representation of all that makes Bristol business great!