January 2016 – A Month of Wanton Hubris

Markets have begun the year in distinctly wobbly fashion and there is certainly more than a whiff of fear in the air. At times like this it is important not to get too caught up in the dramatic headlines but to stand back, take stock, and question whether or not “it really is the end of the world this time”?

We manage your portfolio with deference to our three guiding principles that include ‘Belief in the Future’, ‘Patience’ and ‘Discipline’, which basically means that we get on with the job and are not side-tracked by all the noise. Getting on with the job means that we diversify your portfolio, we rebalance it every 6 months and we let its asset allocation drive the returns. We do not get caught up in the short term.

It is a philosophy that has sensibly guided your portfolio through some stormy waters over recent years and it is our intention not to waiver from our approach.

Please have a look at the performances of our portfolios. You’ll know which portfolio you’re in and I have grouped them in the following way; the graphs cover the period 01/01/2012 – 22/01/2016 to offer you perspective:

Cautious Growth – which includes the Defensive, Cautious and Balanced portfolios


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Growth – which includes Growth, Growth+ and Adventurous


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Income – which includes Cautious Income, Balanced Income and Equity Income


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Whilst it’s not a benchmark I have included the FTSE All Share to place the performances in the context of the UK markets.

It’s very interesting to see that all portfolios have generated positive returns, not withstanding at least one significant downturn by the FTSE All Share in each year since we started looking after your money back in January 2012.

2016 will no doubt bring its own challenges, which no one can foresee. We will continue to look after your wealth as if it’s our own.

(All figures are on a bid to bid basis, total return, pounds sterling.)

Steve Brady

Investment Director