The context behind last month’s ‘God bless the Brits’ article…

Last month our Client’s Corner feature was an article entitled ‘God bless the Brits’ and expressed some pretty strong views in favour of the Brexit result.

It certainly produced some strong reactions from some of you and so we’d just like to explain the background behind it. We included the piece, which was written by Nick Murray, as an alternative view from across the pond. Nick is based in Southold, NY, in the States and is in his 50th year in the profession of financial advice. He is a well-known speaker within the industry and is the author of eleven books for financial services professionals.

As you’ll have seen, he can be quite outspoken and is not afraid to cause controversy. In Client’s Corner, we’re always keen to give food for thought and stimulate some healthy debate but acknowledge some of his views on this occasion may have come across as a little extreme. We’d just like to emphasise these are Nick’s views and do not represent those of Brunel Capital Partners.

The last few weeks have certainly been the most turbulent in British politics for a very long time. We would hesitate to say that the dust has totally settled, as each new day seems to bring further developments but with a new Prime Minister and her new Cabinet now in place, we wait to see what will unfold and as ever will keep you informed of any economic and financial implications.   

Thank you to those of you who got in touch to give us your feedback. We are always in favour of healthy debate and as you know from our monthly market commentaries, we have always made every effort to represent both sides of the Referendum argument in our communications. We look forward to more lively discussion on the key issues that matter to us all.