Learning from these 5 Bristol business successes

As a Bristol business ourselves, we’re always ready and happy to celebrate the success of fellow local businesses, organisations and concerns. There has been a lot of positive news from the city recently, as it continues to thrive and grow as a whole and so, this month, we thought we would highlight these great stories from fellow Bristolians and their great aims, drives and companies. Read more …

Video: Business exit planning

As a business owner, it is likely that your retirement will need to involve a lot more planning than non-owner retirees. You’ll have questions about how to extract wealth from your business, how to ensure business continuity and how to decide on when the best time is to begin your retirement. In this short video, we start to look at some of your likely questions and how we can begin to address them.


Video: What will your retirement look like?

Each of our retirements will be different but those of us who have a positive experience in later life are likely to have one thing in common: a well thought out plan about what we want to do. Beyond that, we’re also likely to have thought about how we’re going to pay for what we want, how our plan will last for our entire retirement and how we can pass on a legacy for the next generation. Read more …

Video: How financial planning can help you to live mortgage free

When we speak to clients about their long term goals, they often tell us that eventually living mortgage free is part of their dream financial situation. In this video, we look at how financial planning can help to make that situation a reality and how getting there can mean thinking about your finances in different and unique ways.


Video: What happens to my pension when I die?

With the Chancellor’s recent announcement that the government plans to abolish the 55% so-called ‘death tax’ on pensions, we thought it was important to provide a bit more background about what happens to the legacy you leave behind. In the below video, we explore the death tax cut and why inheritance planning is so important.

Video: How we manage investments

If you’re a current Brunel client then you’ll probably have seen our investment presentation when you joined us.

The presentation is very important to us, as it explains why we’re different to other wealth management firms and how your financial plan – where you want to be in life – is central to everything that we do for you. Everything flows from this plan and the presentation explains exactly how our values and experience shape your portfolio and help you along the road to achieving the end goal of your plan.

Read more …

Video: Planning for Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax is catching out more people than ever, with the government recently revealing that it expects to earn £800 million more from the tax than it predicted a short while ago.

With those sorts of figures, it is more important than ever to plan for passing on your estate to your family. Our short video below explains just why this is a crucial part of your financial planning and how much of a difference it can make to the value of your estate.

Video: A short story about what we do

People often ask us what exactly Brunel do for people; what is a financial planner and how do you help your clients? Is financial planning just about money? How can it help me to get to where I want to be? Why do I need a financial plan? To answer those questions and others, we made a short video…

Video: In 2015, pensions are changing. Here’s how you’ll be affected.

During the 2014 Budget you might have seen that the Chancellor announced wide-ranging reforms to how the pension industry works. This means that in 2015, when the changes come into effect, you will have many more options when it comes to choosing how you take your pension. In this brief video, we’ve assessed the changes in more detail, keeping you in the loop with how 2015’s changes will affect your pension.

Video: What is Portfolio Rebalancing?

Working with clients is, for us, an ongoing process. We frequently review your financial plan to make sure it’s still working for you, helping you to move towards your life goals. As part of our regular reviews, portfolio rebalancing is often a key part of ensuring that your investments are still working in exactly the way they should. But what is it, why can be it so good for your financial plan and how does it work? We’ve got the answers to all of those questions in our 90-second video below.

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