Damien Rylett wins Good Egg award at IFP Conference

IFP annual conference 2013 - Newport - 1st October 2013

Confirming something all of us here at Brunel already knew, our MD Damien was recently awarded the Tony Sellon Good Egg Award at The Institute of Financial Planning’s (IFP) annual conference.

Held at Celtic Manor, Wales, Damien took to the stage to be officially hailed as a Good Egg by the IFP’s interim Chief Executive, Steve Gazzard.

Despite the light-hearted nature of the award’s name, it is actually a well-respected accolade in our industry. Carrying the name of Tony Sellon, a founder member of the IFP who passed away in 2001, the award recognises the individual whom the body feels has made an outstanding contribution to the success of the IFP itself.

The IFP is a not-for-profit, independent professional body for financial planners, operating with the sole mission to develop the profession and raise standards, for the benefit of consumers.

Steve commented that Damien had, ‘helped IFP staff with their own financial questions, had broken a holiday short to look at a venue and is always willing to provide constructive feedback on IFP initiatives’. Nominees for the award are suggested by IFP members and staff.

Congratulations to Damien from all at Brunel!

Political rumblings about the Equitable Life scandal

Retirement Nest Egg 425w

A report by the Commons Public Accounts Committee (PAC), says that up to 236,000 pension savers with Equitable Life, which collapsed in 2000, or one in five policyholders, might not be traced before what it calls an “arbitrary” deadline of March 2014 for the Government compensation scheme.

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Brunel’s international sporting hero.

Steve Brady’s mid-life crisis peaked earlier this Summer when he was selected for England Hockey Masters. He was able to fulfil a boyhood dream of running out with “Three Lions” on his chest at the European Open held in Belfast. Read more …

Client Seminar – Video

Last month, we held our first private client seminar which was a great success and very well attended. Thank you to all who came along and for the kind feedback we have received so far.

For those of you who couldn’t make it, we’ve produced the below video for you to catch-up on all of the topics covered.

Following the success of this year’s event, we look forward to doing more in the future. We will keep you updated once dates are confirmed.

Brunel supports The Africa Trust

We at Brunel Capital Partners are fully aware of the health benefits with regards to staying hydrated and it is for this reason that we invested in a water cooler from AquAid.

Because of our relationship with AquAid we have been donating monthly to The Africa Trust. In doing so, these donations have been used to build fresh drinking water wells in areas in Africa where it is needed most, like in schools and villages.

We are proud to announce that Brunel Capital Partners will be installing an ‘Elephant Pump’ in Africa. This is essential to ensure clean and safe drinking water is part of the lives of those less fortunate than us.

We hope through various activities such as supporting The Africa Trust and projects like The Elephant Pump, we can bring opportunity and hope to people by helping to break the cycle of poverty.

We look forward to receiving photos of our well in due course and our continued support of AquAid.

The Fundamentals Of Cash Flow Planning

George Horace Lorimer once said: “It’s good to have money and the things that money can buy, but it’s good too, to make sure you haven’t lost the things that money can’t buy.”

Creating a balance in life is important and core to this is knowing how to achieve your financial goals. With every financial corner you turn it’s important to ‘run through the numbers’, which will help you make the right financial decisions. Read more …

Market Comment – Brian Tora’s latest views

Please follow the link for Brians latest comments.

Market comment 9th April 2013

The New Proposals on Long Term Care and what they mean for your Financial Planning

In the Spring of last year retirement specialist LV= produced a report looking at the future of long term care in the UK. With increased life expectancy, LV= predicted that the number of people needing care – either in their own home or in specialist retirement homes – would surge by the year 2025, reaching 1.1 million, an increase of 30% on the current figure of 840,000.

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January Client’s Corner

Nick Murray, the author of our regular client’s corner pieces, has very kindly allowed us to post January’s edition on our website.

Please click the link to read it.

Clients Corner

Changes To The Way You Receive Financial Advice

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has published a checklist for investors explaining changes to the way they get financial advice, ahead of the implementation of the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) on 31st December.

The changes to financial advice include clearer charges, clearer services and more professional advice.

Click the read more link below to see the changes in full.

Advisers will either be independent or restricted from 31st December onwards.Independent advice means the adviser can provide advice on all of the different types of financial products. Any adviser who cannot do this will be restricted. Read more …
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