So how much do I need to save so I can stop working?

Many of our clients lead busy lives developing their careers. They gather pensions from different employments and use any spare cash to top these up or take out an ISA. But will this be enough to allow them to choose their retirement date and do some of those things they have never had time to do. When we met Alistair and Lisa this was where they were.

Through consolidation of their investments and pensions and targeted regular contributions they are well on their way. Protecting their income was important too.

“I have always regarded retirement as the ‘big unknown’ and want to make sure that I am properly prepared for it financially. My wife and I enjoy fulfilling careers, but we’ve needed help to make the most of our investments in order to ensure we are set up for older age.

That’s exactly what our financial planner, has provided. He took time to understand our situation and formulate a plan that would give us financial security for the long term. The modelling software Brunel Capital Partners uses gives clarity about the decisions you need to take now to have the sort of retirement you desire. Seeing it in black and white definitely helped focus our minds.

I know I can trust Brunel to provide impartial advice that is grounded in an intimate knowledge of our situation. He understands my wife’s and my attitude to risk and has helped us build an investment portfolio that is right for us.

As a senior executive, you’re always aware that things can change very quickly. It’s good to know we have financial security and that our finances are in good order.

Our planner has been patient, considerate and wise in his dealings with us. He and his colleagues aren’t swayed by short-term trends in the market. When you’re laying foundations for the future, that brings valuable peace of mind.”

Lisa & Alistair Compton, Directors

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