Mark Rowles

David provides a bespoke service, suited to our individual needs and financial aspirations.

“My name is Mark Rowles. My wife Jenny and I have been clients of Brunel Capital for nine years, it’s coming up on 10.

I think initially, Jenny and I were looking to pull together both pensions and ISA investments that we had, into one place which, through the length of a career, you tend to have these with separate providers. We were interested to draw them for ourselves into a self-invested pension plan, and really to be under the umbrella of a manager we trusted.

The choice of Brunel was driven by one specific individual, David Buchan, a finance director, who was known closely to a financial colleague of ours in the development business.

I felt Brunel Capital was offering a situation for us as clients that was an easy, warm, friendly, businesslike environment in which to discuss not only our objectives going forward with a small boutique development company but also the opportunities that we may have for the future in utilising our pension savings. And between those two areas, David was able to design something that really worked personally, for Jenny and me.

I think the size of Brunel as a business that’s growing organically, rather than by rapid acquisition, which is a popular way to grow your business these days, has made both my wife and I feel comfortable working with the people there that we know, they’re always easy to access on the phone. Perhaps most of all, extremely responsive.

Working with Brunel and looking to our financial future. They’ve been able to open some ideas and opportunities to us that weren’t immediately available. And certainly, were not available with firms I’ve been involved with before. So that was a real bonus.

If I had to describe Brunel Capital in three ways, I think the first word I’d use would be reliable. That refers to having worked with those who are perhaps less reliable in the past. I like their consistent investment policy; it doesn’t change with the vagaries of the stock market. Consistency is something that David Buchan has always emphasised as a cornerstone of the Brunel Capital operation. The third way I think I would describe Brunel is approachable. I think many would-be investors, and those seeking to manage their pension savings in later life, struggle with the idea of approaching and talking to an organisation and putting their trust in them. I think Brunel Capital create an environment to accommodate reliability, consistency of investment policy and approachability. I think it’s a really important factor.

I think perhaps the best thing of all, working with Brunel Capital Partners is their availability and their speed of response. These two are very much married up together in my mind.

I think if I had to choose the best piece of advice over a long relationship that I have been given with Brunel Capital Partners, it would have to be to draw the many disparate strands of ISA and pension investments that I had back together under one umbrella.

I would always be happy to recommend Brunel Capital Partners and indeed have done so on several occasions to both family members and professional colleagues.”

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