I want to know if I can change my lifestyle

Clients amass a depth and breadth of expertise during their working lives, when they want to take a different direction its important their finances are in good order and they feel financially secure. Working in the UK and abroad Helen is pleased that financial planning meant she could take the opportunities that were presented to her.

After my first meeting, it became clear that I could trust my planner and the firm to manage my wealth with integrity, honesty and care.

I have held a variety of senior appointments in the retail sector throughout Europe and am now in a position where I can shape my career in the way I want. It’s important for me to know I am financially secure even if I don’t choose to take another senior executive appointment .I hold a number of non-executive director positions and am keen to keep my options open when it comes to my next challenge. I’m especially interested to work with companies that have a strong social conscience.

I am reassured to know that my financial planner, understands my circumstances, particularly as they change. He has taken time to get to know me, to understand what motivates me.

The advice I receive is truly impartial. I never feel pressured to take a particular route and have the utmost confidence that Pilgrim/Brunel always has my best interests at heart.

Helen Thompson, senior executive

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