Financial confidence and trust really do make a tangible difference

“Working with my financial planner has completely changed my outlook on life. He helped me see that I could clear my mortgage earlier than I expected, which freed me to make other life choices that have been both liberating and fulfilling.

After a long career that included a stint in the RAF, a variety of roles in the aerospace industry, and a number of senior management positions, I decided to take early retirement in 2017.

I’ve subsequently taken on some consultancy work and a directorship, but feel very much as if I can work on my terms, with people I want to work with. I’m also involved in the local community as Finance Director of Wells Community Shed – something that I find hugely rewarding.

A good illustration of my changed mindset regarding money is seen in the seven-week round-the-world trip my wife and I undertook after I retired. Financial Planning has helped us to seize the day and live to the full. I trust them implicitly and that has made a tangible difference to the way we live.

Steve Whitby, semi-retired senior executive

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