Do I have enough money to last my lifetime?

As people enter retirement it can often be daunting to realise that you are no longer accumulating money but decumulating by taking an income from pensions and savings. A question that almost all clients ask is do I have enough to last throughout my lifetime?

Having a Financial Plan allows us to explore different options with clients whether its giving their children a financial helping hand or being able to create the home they want, we can give them the confidence of what they can do and remain financially secure.

Bruce and Sally are on this journey with us, having gone from raising a family and taking a cautious approach their retirement has bought a sense of freedom.

“My wife and I have implicit trust in the advice we receive from Brunel Capital Partners. We’ve been with the firm since its inception and have always been very impressed by the personal attention it gives.

I was a senior executive in a large company and retired in my late fifties. I continued to act as a Trustee of the Company’s UK Pension Scheme and now act as Chair of the Trustee Board. This helps to keep my mind active.

Our retirement savings are spread over a variety of investments including an additional rental property. Our financial planner has spent time getting to grips with our precise circumstances and we have utter faith in the quality of his advice. He knows us as individuals and understands our hopes and aspirations. I genuinely believe he always has our best interests at heart.”

Sally & Bruce Ginnever, retired senior executive

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