Brunel’s Charity Project: our elephant well goes live in Zimbabwe!

Brunel-capital-partners-elephant-wellWe’re delighted to announce that a charity we’ve been involved with for a while now has just completed it’s latest installation, and this time we were honoured to be involved a little more than usual.

Our office water coolers are provided by AquAid, a company who donate to Christian Aid and The African Trust for every installation of a water cooler they complete and every bottle of water their clients buy.

Some time ago they approached us with an additional project: to sponsor the installation of an Elephant Pump Well in Zimbabwe!

Elephant Pump Wells are a design of The African Trust and they have been so successful that they now supply around 10% of the entire population of Zimbabwe with clean water. The economic design was commended with the St Andrews Medal for the Environment in 2005 and last year some 432 pumps were installed.

AquAid were kind enough to send across to us a picture of our completed well in use, after it became operational last month! Great news, and we hope to continue to support AquAid in whatever way we can in the future!

If you are interested in the work that AquAid do or how your own office can become involved, then please do have a look at their website at