We always wanted to set up our own investment arm

It didn’t feel right to give funds to faceless wonders in London

By Steve Brady, Director, Brunel Capital Partners & Brunel Wealth Management

Don’t get me wrong, they are all good guys but without a personal touch; without a special long term relationship that only we can nurture with our clients. That’s not the Fund Manager’s role, it’s to manage the fund not nurture a personal relationship.

In my view, the traditional Fund Manager’s view of investing is light years away from our view of what clients want.

Clients want something they understand at a fair cost to them

We do not want to hold things we don’t understand and our clients certainly won’t understand: complex derivatives, hedge funds and structured products. We want a systematic, globally diversified approach that uses index funds to control cost. We believe this gives the best chance of success.

Put in a different way, this is investing in the whole market and benefiting in what the whole market has to deliver rather than today’s best performing part. Today’s hero can nearly always expect a fall. The whole market delivers over time. When China fails, America succeeds.

Brunel Wealth Management was set up this Summer 2016. It’s something we wanted to do from when we established Brunel Capital Partners in 2011. This was to have control over where our client’s funds were going and taking the right risks to suit our clients’ needs. But, we had to get our principal business of Lifestyle Financial Planning right first.

At Brunel Capital Partners, we practice Lifestyle Financial Planning. This means gaining a full understanding of our clients, their families and their desired lifestyles before we can recommend how best to organise their capital and the wealth available for investing. Investment should only take place when it is clear what we are investing for. It’s a means to achieving an end and the risk (always associated with investing) worked out when you know why you need to invest.

Finding your number is a good way to determine the risk you need to take

Lifestyle Financial Planning helps you find your number. How much money you will need for the rest of your life without the fear of ever running out.

With this information we create your financial plan and your financial plan demonstrates how much you have and how much you need to invest.

With this knowledge, we use Brunel Wealth Management to translate your investment goals into an affordable and effective investment strategy. One that concentrates on the long term rather than short term wins.

When we formed Brunel Wealth Management, we wrote to all our clients asking for permission to transfer funds from our existing fund manager to Brunel. All 300 signed up.

We thank you for your trust and will continue to manage your money as if it was our own.

Steve Brady, 0117 214 0870, steve@brunelcapitalpartners.com