A New Hope


Near the beginning of this pandemic, I spoke of a determination within our team to emerge stronger and better both as individuals and as a collective.

This has been an extremely difficult time for many. Some of us have lost friends, relatives and know people that been taken seriously ill. If you’ve been affected in anyway, our thoughts are with you.

At times, it has been a real struggle to get motivated and “Groundhog Day“ has been mentioned in a number of interactions I have had. However, that steely determination I refer to above has been there in abundance and a number of positive things have happened across our whole business.

We have successfully launched the IronBright platform and this is a big milestone for us. Whilst it continues to develop, we are extremely pleased with the way it has gone and initial client feedback has been very positive. I would like to thank the clients who offered to be guinea pigs through the development stage.

Our sustainable portfolios have been built and are almost ready for clients. This is an exciting and important area for us and from the initial conversations with clients, it appears it is an area that resonates with you as well.

We have moved offices in Bristol. Whilst we are yet to fully utilise it, we are looking forward to welcoming our Bristol-based clients to Runway East.

The team have also used this time to improve and develop themselves. A number of exam successes across both of our offices is great to see and can only benefit our business and our clients as the team learn new skills and strive for higher levels of competence and professionalism. Well done to India, Simon, Veronica, Vicky, Jamie, Tom, Louise, Lucy and Sara who have all passed exams.

Believe it or not, we’ve also had our very own wedding as well. Harriet Carss, from the Wells team became Mrs Mayes in December when she married James, a housemaster at Wells Cathedral School. I’m sure you will all join me in congratulating them both.

And so, we are nearly done with January. And breathe.

They – whoever “they“ are – say it’s darkest just before dawn. This isn’t true – it’s coldest just before dawn; the lighting state is influenced primarily by lunar phase and urban light pollution – but it’s a useful way of saying that you shouldn’t be downhearted; that the problems you are having now will pass and soon. With this week’s news that deaths in the UK have surpassed 100,000, we could all do with that.

The evenings are becoming lighter, there are buds on the trees. Spring is coming and with that comes hope.

I have even booked a summer holiday. Wishful thinking maybe, but I have hope.

With very best wishes

Damien Rylett