The Telegraph’s ‘perfect’ financial plans won’t work. Here’s why.

Earlier this year, the Telegraph published a short series of two articles entitled, ‘In your 40s with ‘peaking’ earnings? Here’s your perfect financial plan’ and, ‘In your late 50s or early 60s? Here’s your perfect financial plan’.

Like a lot of ‘financial planning’ published in the mainstream press, there are some good pointers, tips and highlighting of common issues. ‘Recalibrating your budget so that you can save,’ for example, is a strong recommendation for most people at most stages of life. As a nation, we still typically don’t save enough, especially if we do not have a financial plan in place, so spending a little less and putting a little more away can help individuals to move towards a better retirement. Read more …

Summer Saving lessons for the kids

With the Summer holidays approaching, it’s time once again for the parents among us to put our thinking caps on and attempt to come up with six weeks’ worth of fun and activity!

We’ve long talked about how schools should include a level of personal finance education within their curriculums but, until that happens formally, it’s down to Mum and Dad to provide some guidance around money matters for the younger generation. Read more …

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