January 2016 – A Month of Wanton Hubris

Markets have begun the year in distinctly wobbly fashion and there is certainly more than a whiff of fear in the air. At times like this it is important not to get too caught up in the dramatic headlines but to stand back, take stock, and question whether or not “it really is the end of the world this time”?

We manage your portfolio with deference to our three guiding principles that include ‘Belief in the Future’, ‘Patience’ and ‘Discipline’, which basically means that we get on with the job and are not side-tracked by all the noise. Getting on with the job means that we diversify your portfolio, we rebalance it every 6 months and we let its asset allocation drive the returns. We do not get caught up in the short term.

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When the why becomes important enough, the how becomes easy

When you set financial planning priorities, it will be because they are exactly that: your priority at that given time.

If you are a Brunel client then you’ll know that we’ll work with you to set a route by which you can arrive at your financial planning priority in good time, through the most streamlined method available, without encountering undue risk.

What gets talked about less in financial planning is that your priorities can and will change. What happens then?

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New year, new vote: What’s the most important financial planning activity for you in 2016?

We’re always interested in hearing from our clients (and from those of you who are not yet clients) and so, to kick off 2016, we thought we’d see if you can narrow down your financial planning priorities to just one choice!

Of course, if you are already a client, then we will likely have already discussed your plans with you, but we’re looking for your answers to this poll anyway to get a very informal, ‘state of the nation’ view on what most people are planning towards in 2016.

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