The Dash

We were recently reminded of Linda Ellis’ poem The Dash, which you can read in full here.

The Dash talks about the life of a man who has passed away, being talked about by his friend at the funeral. The friend refers to everything that he had done and achieved during his life as being represented by ‘the dash’; the space between the two dates of birth and death on his headstone.

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Success or happiness (or both) ?

When sitting down to think about your financial planning, ‘success’ and ‘happiness’ are often equated with each other.

Success leads to happiness, conventional wisdom dictates; with one comes the other.

Success and happiness though are very broad ideas. The majority of people, reading the above, are likely to equate success as referring to a successful career. Happiness in your personal life is then a result of this, whether from simply being happy that you have been successful in your working life or, perhaps more likely, feeling as though your successful career has given you the funds to pursue things that make you happy.

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September Market Comment – Tricky Times

China is proving slow to go away as a perceived problem for investors. While the shock announcement of its, admittedly modest, currency devaluation against the US dollar did not produce the mayhem in foreign exchange markets many feared, worries over the extent of the slowdown taking place in the world’s second largest economy continue to undermine sentiment. Life may have become a little calmer of late, but there remains much speculation over the extent of the Chinese slowdown.

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