The upcoming care cap and the need for proper later life planning

The care cap first proposed during the coalition government is set to come into effect from April 2016. The idea behind the cap – set at £72,000 – is to limit the amount of fees you pay in your lifetime towards care after you turn 65. This in turn will give you greater freedom to plan for your future.

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View from the Tower – Sara Mather

As part of a regular feature in our monthly newsletters we will be taking a sneaky look into the lives of the people that make Brunel Capital Partners tick. This month, we get to know Sara…

1. What first attracted you to Brunel Capital Partners?

Peter Hill!

2. What is the most enjoyable part of your job?

Working with a lovely team of people

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Three business planning steps for the rest of 2015

With the midpoint of 2015 fast approaching, it’s time to take stock of your business successes during the past six months, as well as any areas where you perhaps haven’t made your mark as you had initially hoped. Looking to the future, here are three tips to help organise your business plans between now and the end of the year.
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Video: Business exit planning

As a business owner, it is likely that your retirement will need to involve a lot more planning than non-owner retirees. You’ll have questions about how to extract wealth from your business, how to ensure business continuity and how to decide on when the best time is to begin your retirement. In this short video, we start to look at some of your likely questions and how we can begin to address them.


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