Market comment – a personal view of Brian Tora

Shares had run out of steam ahead of the Scottish referendum vote – hardly surprising given the disruption a Yes vote would have generated. Continuing uncertainty in the Middle East and Ukraine did not help either, but it was the way in which independence suddenly began to look a real possibility that unsettled investors. After all, in the run up to the vote nobody really expected any other result than the one we eventually got – until just before the referendum, that is.

Market Comment – 19th September

Video: Planning for Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax is catching out more people than ever, with the government recently revealing that it expects to earn £800 million more from the tax than it predicted a short while ago.

With those sorts of figures, it is more important than ever to plan for passing on your estate to your family. Our short video below explains just why this is a crucial part of your financial planning and how much of a difference it can make to the value of your estate.

Over-55s failing to include family when it comes to planning for retirement

Millions of over-55s are failing to include their family in important decisions about their retirement income with potentially devastating consequences. Read more …

Can we talk about our money, please?

It’s good to talk. But talking about money can be difficult, particularly as doing so has traditionally been taboo in this country. Despite many of us getting better at talking about other personal issues like relationships or our health, we still find money a tricky topic. Read more …

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