Road to nowhere

JAR_FAMILY_BWHave you ever jumped into your car, started the engine and just driven aimlessly, with no thought of where you are headed? No, I thought not. It is amazing however, how many people take this approach with their investment assets. This will often involve huge sums of money that have taken many years of hard work and disciplined saving to accumulate.

Without a clear objective or idea of what you are trying to achieve, it is very difficult to bring meaning to your money. When posed with the question “What are you trying to achieve?” common answers include “Growth”, “Income” or even “Outperformance”. This is why it is important that financial planners reframe the question and talk in terms of aspirations, goals, dreams, beliefs and visions.

In the past, many financial advisers have concentrated their efforts and time on the money and not enough on their clients and their real fears and burning questions. Questions like “What do I need to do to ensure that I never run out of money?”, “How much do I need to earn, save or sell my business for to give me what I want out of life?”, “When can I afford to stop doing the things that have become a drag and start doing things I really enjoy?”, “What do I need to do to ensure that my family is totally financially secure, whatever happens?” and perhaps the biggest question of all is “How much is enough?”

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Market Comment – A Personal View Of Brian Tora

Markets have been generally trending upwards, despite a modest upset in Asian markets. Our own FTSE 100 Share Index is finishing February within a whisker of the previous all time high, reached more than fourteen years ago. Part of the reason behind the recent strength has been the jump in Vodafone’s share price. It is worth looking at what has been going on in this giant telecommunications business.

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Market Comment 25th February 2014

View from the Tower – Charlene Edwards

Charlene CFAs part of a regular feature we will be taking a sneaky look into the lives of the people that make Brunel Capital Partners tick. This month, we get to know Charlene Edwards…

1. What first attracted you to Brunel Capital Partners?

The ability to help set up and continually shape a business where clients really are at the centre of everything we do.

2. What is the most enjoyable part of your job?
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Why Directors and Business Owners fail to plan their retirement

Postit(retire)Company directors and owners of SMEs make plans and do forecasts all the time. Cash flow forecasts, SWOT analyses, plans for renewals and refurbishment; there’s hardly a day when they’re not eyeball to eyeball with a spreadsheet.

So why do so many of them fail to plan their own retirements properly? In our experience company directors and owners of SMEs are so wrapped up running their business that they often forget their own financial planning – or simply don’t see it as a priority. There is clearly a need for more directors to plan properly: why do so many of them fail to do so?

Over the years we’ve probably been given half a dozen answers when we’ve asked that question. As you’ll see, none of them really hold water…

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Market Comment – A Personal View Of Brian Tora

Two weeks ago British Gas was in the news for not the best of reasons. This week they return to the spotlight, again under circumstances they would wish had not taken place. The Energy Secretary clearly thinks that they and other energy giants are making too much money at the expense of the poor consumer. Gas and electricity companies seem to have taken over the mantle of those businesses we love to hate from the banks…

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Market Comment 11th February 2014

Video – Why ISAs are Important

Making sure that you’re using your full annual ISA investment allowance can be an important part of your savings and investment portfolio.

The returns on your ISA are tax free, meaning they’re a great way to save for your future. Find out more on why ISAs are important, the different types of ISAs and how ISA limits work in our new video below.

Guide: The 5 Major Steps You Can Take to Save Inheritance Tax

Estate planning is a vital activity to carry out in order to protect the savings, investments and property you’ve worked hard to acquire during your lifetime. Failing to plan properly for how your assets should be passed on to your family can lead to hugely significant tax losses and liabilities due to Inheritance Tax.

In this guide, we discuss the 5 Major Steps you can take to mitigate Inheritance Tax and leave the proper legacy for your family to enjoy. You can download this free guide below.


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