Video – Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning will mean different things to different people. If you’re nearly at your retirement date then it might mean booking that trip around the world, whereas if you’re a long way from retiring it might mean that it’s a concept you’ll worry about ‘at some point in the future’!

Retirement Planning for us means all sorts of things but, mainly, it means preparing for your future by knowing exactly what your money is doing right now – so that you can afford that trip around the world when you get to your retirement date! It can be a difficult concept to explain and so, to clearly demonstrate what Retirement Planning is and how it can help you, we’ve put together the following video. Enjoy!

Market Comment – A Personal View Of Brian Tora

Markets have been having a trickier time of late, with our own FTSE 100 Index shedding much of the ground made at the end of last year and the beginning of this, while Wall Street has been behaving in a similarly unsettled fashion. Given an improving economic picture, particularly on the employment front, it is worrying that investors have turned nervous, but markets never do move in a straight line.

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Market Comment 29th January 2014

New Automatic Enrolment Guide now available!

Automatic Enrolment is the new scheme implemented by the government to encourage everyone in the UK to start saving for their retirements. Under the scheme, businesses must have a workplace pension scheme in place by a specified date and they must pay into it on their employees behalf, ‘automatically enrolling’ them into the scheme at outset.

Implementing an Automatic Enrolment-appropriate pension scheme can leave many firms with questions and queries about the process, and present them with a range of options they may not have previously considered.

To help with that process, we’ve produced a new guide, detailing everything you need to know about Automatic Enrolment; from when the date you’ll need to have a scheme in place might be, to what sort of contribution you’ll have to make, to what sort of scheme you might want to look at.

The guide is completely free and can be downloaded by clicking below. If you have any questions about anything you read within it, please do get in touch and we’ll be happy to help further!

guide cover

We’re hiring: Paraplanner

As Brunel continue to grow, we’re on the lookout for someone to join our fantastic team!

We currently have a vacancy for a Paraplanner, based at our Bristol offices. This is a brilliant opportunity for someone willing to go the extra mile for clients to join a firm dedicated to making a difference to people’s lives. You’ll be outgoing, good at developing relationships and dedicated to the business values we hold dear when dealing with our clients.

If you think you can live up to those standards and have ambitions to meet our own, then get in touch: we’d love to hear from you!

Full details of the position, its responsibilities and its requirements, are available on our LinkedIn page, where you can also submit your application. Alternatively, contact Damien on 0117 214 0870, send him a tweet @damienrylett, or email

We’re social!

We’re sure you already know that we’re a social bunch here at Brunel, but we’ve now made that fact a little more official and finished creating our corporate social media accounts!

You can now follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook or follow the firm on LinkedIn! Each network will have a range of updates, including formal business news and lighter-hearted content and they’ll all provide an easy way to keep up with our blog.

Don’t worry if you’re not a social media person: we’ll continue to keep you updated right here on the website, over the phone and via email and regular post!

If you’re social, though, then please do link up with us at our pages, as below:

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Market Comment – A Personal View Of Brian Tora

With Christmas and the New Year intervening, it has been some time since last I shared my thoughts on the state of markets. Just before Christmas I was lamenting the lack of a Santa rally – that seasonal push for shares that more often than not takes markets higher. As it happens, markets did generate some momentum as the year drew to a close. December recorded a 1.5% gain overall – less than a number of other markets, but sufficient to bring 2013’s rise to over 14%.

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Market Comment 14th January 2014

New Year Financial Resolutions

As 2014 begins, our minds may momentarily turn to those personal finance tasks that we have been putting off. So why not seize the moment and start the year with one or more of them cleared from your ‘can wait for another day’ pile. Here are our five top tips to get you started:

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