Market Comment – A Personal View Of Brian Tora

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Market comment 17th September 2013

Political rumblings about the Equitable Life scandal

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A report by the Commons Public Accounts Committee (PAC), says that up to 236,000 pension savers with Equitable Life, which collapsed in 2000, or one in five policyholders, might not be traced before what it calls an “arbitrary” deadline of March 2014 for the Government compensation scheme.

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Ten tips for financial planning in later years

This is not about planning for your end. This is about planning for quality of life later on, free from the bother of worrying about things not done and confident that you have a plan and safety net, just in case you don’t remain on top of your game forever.

There’s no way of putting this comfortably but most of us become a little more tired later in life and reliant on others close to us and around us. To help get the plan in place early on, here is a simple financial planning checklist:

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Brunel’s international sporting hero.

Steve Brady’s mid-life crisis peaked earlier this Summer when he was selected for England Hockey Masters. He was able to fulfil a boyhood dream of running out with “Three Lions” on his chest at the European Open held in Belfast. Read more …

Market Comment – A Personal View of Brian Tora

For Brian’s latest comments, please follow the link.

Market comment 3rd September 2013

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