We at Brunel Capital Partners are fully aware of the health benefits with regards to staying hydrated and it is for this reason that we invested in a water cooler from AquAid.

Because of our relationship with AquAid we have been donating monthly to The Africa Trust. In doing so, these donations have been used to build fresh drinking water wells in areas in Africa where it is needed most, like in schools and villages.

We are proud to announce that Brunel Capital Partners will be installing an ‘Elephant Pump’ in Africa. This is essential to ensure clean and safe drinking water is part of the lives of those less fortunate than us.

We hope through various activities such as supporting The Africa Trust and projects like The Elephant Pump, we can bring opportunity and hope to people by helping to break the cycle of poverty.

We look forward to receiving photos of our well in due course and our continued support of AquAid.